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Customs broker services

Customs brokerage services are a complex set of activities with one goal - to ensure the continuous flow of cargo both import and export by performing prompt preparation of customs formalities and documentation, as well as execution of transit procedures.

Lukoss SIA is a transport and logistics company that performs all types of local and international cargo transportation. This includes freight to third world countries.

We offer a full range of transport and logistics services, which also includes customs brokerage services. Customers who have never been exposed to customs procedures often do not understand the importance of these procedures. In order to avoid unplanned additional costs, making mistakes in the preparation of documentation and not knowing the legislation of international cargo transportation, such as Incoterms 2020 - we, Lukoss SIA, will facilitate the performance of your customs procedures.

Customer representation

Lukoss SIA provides its customers with representation in customs procedures, applying for import, export and transit procedures. Our knowledgeable logistics specialists will make sure that each stage of the customs procedure will be carried out in accordance with the law and good business practice, so you will be able to develop your business without worrying about cargo-related customs formalities.

Cargo declaration

Both import and export cargo transportation to and from third countries is performed in accordance with the existing legislation in the particular country, including the preparation of a customs declaration for the transportation of received or shipped cargo. The import declaration and the export declaration are a mandatory requirement for goods transported outside the European Union. If necessary, inland cargo clearance and cargo clearance are also performed.

Calculation of taxes

Despite the fact that the single customs duty of the European Union is applied in Latvia, customs duties are also divided into several types, such as import duty or import / export duty. Lukoss SIA customs brokerage services will save you time and money, as well as provide a clear answer about the costs of customs clearance of the specific product to and from third countries.

Lukoss SIA customs brokerage services will provide a fast and efficient solution. Your international freight is in the hands of professionals. From now on, import and export to and from third world countries will take much less time, because we will complete all customs formalities for you.

Our range of services includes

Execution of export and import customs declarations.

Transit procedure, TIR.

Freight forwarding, customs clearance.

Preparation of certificates accompanying your cargo:

o Certificate of Origin (COO)

o EUR.1 (certificate of proof of origin)

o Supplier-declaration (SD-Suppliers declaration)

o A.TR (Turkey-EU agreement certifying the release of goods for free circulation)

o Phytosanitary certificate (certifies compliance of plants and plant products with phytosanitary import requirements)

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