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Lukoss SIA is a transport and logistics company that performs local and international container transportation.

We specialize in logistics solutions to optimize delivery costs.

In order to ensure the transport of containers by sea or rail, it is also necessary to involve land transport to transport the container to or from the port or railway terminal.

This is provided by Lukoss SIA land vehicles with appropriate semi-trailers, which are called container trucks. Container transportation by land is possible for all types of cargo. This is a safe way to deliver the cargo to the right place.

We deliver all types of containers, from composite containers (LCL-less than container load) to full container load (FCL).

International container transportation Lukoss SIA is provided in accordance with the needs and wishes of customers. Our container transportation offers include all types of cargo that need to be transported both in domestic transportation in Latvia and in international transportation in the Baltic States, Russia and the CIS countries.

Local cargo transportation in Latvia is especially in demand in cases where express cargo deliveries have to be made. The modes of transport used are often platforms for the transport of various cargoes (packed cargoes, lumber, composite cargoes, reinforced concrete structures, oversized cargoes), but bulk cargoes are also regularly used for the delivery of sand, crushed stone or other bulk cargoes to even the door of the object.

Lukoss SIA offers various cargo transportation in Latvia.

Our company's freight services:

Sale, delivery and transportation of all types of bulk cargo: asphalt, sand, gravel, rubble, black earth, etc.

Chartering and transport of sea containers:

We offer all types of container transportation with delivery to your door, we provide sea container transportation with delivery to the port or from the port to your door.

We offer sea container chartering in both export and import with the world's largest shipping lines to provide the highest quality of sea cargo transportation, guaranteeing the place and the best prices for container transportation using Standard containers, Open Top, Ref containers, etc. LCL - groupage transport is available, FCL - full container transport.

Transportation of goods on platforms:

Transportation of packaged cargo, sawn timber, composite cargo, reinforced concrete structures and bulky cargo.

All trucks in the fleet meet Euro 6 emission standards.

We are one of the few carriers in Latvia that has trucks with new generation engines, limiting the amount of nitrogen oxide and particulate emissions.

We provide:

Provision of transport services for the transportation of sea containers in the territory of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

We also supply goods to the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

Delivery of full and groupage cargo in the territory of the European Union.

Customs broker services

Customs brokerage services are a complex set of activities with one goal - to ensure the continuous flow of cargo both import and export by performing prompt preparation of customs formalities and documentation, as well as execution of transit procedures.

Lukoss SIA is a transport and logistics company that performs all types of local and international cargo transportation. This includes freight to third world countries.

We offer a full range of transport and logistics services, which also includes customs brokerage services. Customers who have never been exposed to customs procedures often do not understand the importance of these procedures. In order to avoid unplanned additional costs, making mistakes in the preparation of documentation and not knowing the legislation of international cargo transportation, such as Incoterms 2020 - we, Lukoss SIA, will facilitate the performance of your customs procedures.

Customer representation

Lukoss SIA provides its customers with representation in customs procedures, applying for import, export and transit procedures. Our knowledgeable logistics specialists will make sure that each stage of the customs procedure will be carried out in accordance with the law and good business practice, so you will be able to develop your business without worrying about cargo-related customs formalities.

Cargo declaration

Both import and export cargo transportation to and from third countries is performed in accordance with the existing legislation in the particular country, including the preparation of a customs declaration for the transportation of received or shipped cargo. The import declaration and the export declaration are a mandatory requirement for goods transported outside the European Union. If necessary, inland cargo clearance and cargo clearance are also performed.

Calculation of taxes

Despite the fact that the single customs duty of the European Union is applied in Latvia, customs duties are also divided into several types, such as import duty or import / export duty. Lukoss SIA customs brokerage services will save you time and money, as well as provide a clear answer about the costs of customs clearance of the specific product to and from third countries.

Lukoss SIA customs brokerage services will provide a fast and efficient solution. Your international freight is in the hands of professionals. From now on, import and export to and from third world countries will take much less time, because we will complete all customs formalities for you.

Our range of services includes

Execution of export and import customs declarations.

Transit procedure, TIR.

Freight forwarding, customs clearance.

Preparation of certificates accompanying your cargo:

o Certificate of Origin (COO)

o EUR.1 (certificate of proof of origin)

o Supplier-declaration (SD-Suppliers declaration)

o A.TR (Turkey-EU agreement certifying the release of goods for free circulation)

o Phytosanitary certificate (certifies compliance of plants and plant products with phytosanitary import requirements)


The logistics services provided by our company give our clients a number of additional opportunities, such as:


  • development of the optimal route for the passage of cargo;
  • selection of the most suitable type of transport or several types of transport for multimodal transportation;
  • organization of loading and unloading operations;
  • warehouse services and responsible storage of cargo;
  • formation of groupage cargo.
  • optimization of logistics costs;
  • monitoring of cargo movement;
  • customs clearance and certification of goods;
  • warehouse handling and storage of goods;
  • consulting and expert services.

We provide our clients with a range of logistics services that maximally simplify the transportation process for them as a whole. We will study and take into account your specifics and requirements, find the best options for transporting your cargo, and choose the most profitable one, calculate the cost of transportation, and deliver exactly on time.

Container shipping

Sea container transport is characterized by a low price compared to other modes of transport.

Lukoss SIA is a transport and logistics company that offers all types of container transportation with delivery to your door. The most popular mode of container transportation is by sea, which provides transportation of composite (LCL) and full (FCL) sea containers with delivery from port to port or door to door.

Container freight can be carried out both by land and by ship and rail, providing an optimal solution for long-distance international freight.

The most popular way of transporting containers is by sea, as this way it is possible to deliver cargo to further countries at optimal costs, such as to and from the USA, South America or to and from China. This type of transportation is especially suitable if the delivery of cargo is systematically planned and a cost-effective solution is required. 

We provide delivery for various types of containers for cargo transportation:

Standard containers:

Cargo transportation with standard containers takes place in a closed cargo space and is intended for transportation of almost all types of cargo by sea, rail and road. Standard containers have different capacities. The most popular container sizes are 20'DV, 40'DV, 40'HC, 40` HCPW, 45HCPW (feet).

Open type containers:

Open Top containers are structurally different with the option to remove the roof and door supports, which allow heavy or large loads to be loaded from above or in front. Also available is the Open Side container type, which has an openable side edge for loading non-standard loads with a forklift.

Open Top

Open Side

Refrigerated containers:

This container can be used to transport medicines, food or other groups of goods that require a special and controlled temperature. It is possible to provide a temperature from +25 degrees to -25 degrees Celsius. 3 refrigerated containers of different sizes (20 ', 40', 45 'feet) are available and are adapted to the size and volume of the load.

Tank containers or ISO tanks:

This type of container can be compared to land tankers in that it is designed to carry a variety of liquids, such as juices, oils, as well as chemicals that are classified as dangerous goods (ADR). One of the advantages of ISO tanks is the large volume, which reduces transportation costs.