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Viens no LUKOSS stūrakmeņiem ir kvalitāte. Saziņā, apkalpošanā un, pats galvenais, darbā. Mēs šo kvalitāti nodrošinām sadarbojoties tikai ar labākajiem ražotājiem.

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Viens no LUKOSS stūrakmeņiem ir kvalitāte. Saziņā, apkalpošanā un, pats galvenais, darbā. Mēs šo kvalitāti nodrošinām sadarbojoties tikai ar labākajiem ražotājiem.


I would like to thank you and your team once again for the work you have carried out. I understand that the work was not easy, so I am glad that “UPB” has developed a successful partnership with your company!

- Elina Aldermane / JSC "UPB"

We are most of all pleased by the friendly and kind attitude, high quality of production, as well as the quick responses and short deadlines for all our tasks.

- Egita Vaičekone / LLC "Ideju Kapitāls"


Sea container transportation is characterized by a low price compared to other types of transport. For sea transportation, depending on the specifics of the cargo, we use different types of containers: 20'dv, 40'dv, 40'HC, 40` HCPW, 45HCPW, etc.

Lukoss offers the following shipping services:

  • container transportation, with the selection of the required type of container, taking into account the size and specifics of the cargo;
  • freight and forwarding of containers;
  • delivery of containers to ports of departure;
  • chartering of ships;
  • customs and insurance clearance of containers;
  • formation of groupage cargo;
  • processing upon arrival at the port of destination;
  • delivery of goods from the port to the required point;
  • execution of all documents that are regulated by the legislation governing international container shipping.


The logistics services provided by our company give our clients a number of additional opportunities, such as:


  • development of the optimal route for the passage of cargo;
  • selection of the most suitable type of transport or several types of transport for multimodal transportation;
  • organization of loading and unloading operations;
  • warehouse services and responsible storage of cargo;
  • formation of groupage cargo.
  • optimization of logistics costs;
  • monitoring of cargo movement;
  • customs clearance and certification of goods;
  • warehouse handling and storage of goods;
  • consulting and expert services.

We provide our clients with a range of logistics services that maximally simplify the transportation process for them as a whole. We will study and take into account your specifics and requirements, find the best options for transporting your cargo, and choose the most profitable one, calculate the cost of transportation, and deliver exactly on time.


Our company has its own fleet of containerchases and uses them to organize the delivery of containers from the seaport to the places of customs clearance and for delivery to the recipient.


  • The main focus of our company is the provision of transport services in the territory of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.
  • We also deliver goods to the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.
  • We provide transportation of sea containers, packaged cargo, oversized cargo, groupage cargo, bulk and liquid cargo.
  • Delivery of full and groupage cargo in the European Union.

Broker services

  • Execution of export and import customs procedure.
  • Consultations on customs issues, helping to find the most effective solution.
  • Freight forwarding, declaration and customs clearance.
  • Origin (COO); EUR.1; ATR; Execution of FITO certificates.