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Offer DPF filters

We are pleased to announce that we are starting a new direction in the heavy vehicle servicing industry. We now offer DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) solutions, providing manufacturing, reconditioning, cleaning and sales!

Our services:

    Sales: we supply new and reconditioned DPFs, offering a wide range of models.     Cleaning: We efficiently clean and refurbish existing DPFs, ensuring optimum vehicle performance.     Manufacturing: We develop high quality DPFs that meet all safety and environmental standards.     Renewal: We renew DPFs sustainably and economically, extending their lifetime.
Why choose us?

    Expert Team: Our team is made up of experienced and professional technicians.     Innovative Technology: We use the latest production technologies, ensuring high product quality.     Tailored Approach: We provide each customer with individual advice and solutions tailored to their needs.     Competitive Prices: We offer affordable and competitive prices to make our customers feel satisfied.

Snowfall makes driving difficult throughout Latvia

On Monday morning at 06.30, driving conditions are difficult throughout the country due to snow and snowfall, according to the information provided by the company "Latvijas Valsts ceļi" (LVC). Particularly difficult driving conditions on the Liepāja highway (A9) in the Blīdene-Skrunda section, as well as on the Ventspils-Kuldīga-Saldus highway (P109) in the Saldus-Vārme section. Snowy road sections are cleared of snow, slippery road sections are sprinkled with anti-slip materials. Difficult driving on the country's main roads is: • Tallinn highway (A1) in the entire section; • Vidzeme highway (A2) in the entire section; • Valmiera highway (A3) in the entire section; • Riga Ring Road (Baltezers-Saulkalne) (A4) in the entire section; • Riga ring road (Salaspils-Babīte) (A5) in the entire section; • Daugavpils highway (A6) in its entire section; • Bauska highway (A7) in the entire section; • Jelgava highway (A8) in the entire section; • Liepāja highway (A9) in its entire section; • Ventspils highway (A10) in the entire section; • Liepāja-Lithuanian border (Rucava) (A11) in the entire section; • Rēzekne highway ...

Construction of the Kekava bypass begins

Construction works of Ķekava bypass have started. In accordance with the planned deadlines, construction works on the section of the main state highway A7 Riga – Bauska – Lithuanian border (Grenctāle) (7.9–25 km) or Ķekava bypass have started. During the construction works, the materials are delivered along several local roads, which are handed over to the builder. The construction work is planned to be completed by the end of 2023, while the road will be maintained by the private partner for another 20 years after the completion of the construction work, so the completion of the entire PPP project is planned for 2043. Kekava bypass in numbers Implementing the Ķekava bypass project, almost 100 km of strip will be built and 220,000 tons of asphalt will be laid. 450,000 tons of dolomite and granite rubble, as well as 520,000 m3 of sand will also be used in the construction of the track.   For the first time in Latvia, thin-layer asphalt technology will be used for the wear layer of the Kekava bypass, as well as prefabricated concrete culverts designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic with particularly pronounced durability and resistance to aggress...

Bulk cargo transportation

We have successfully started our activity in a new field: bulk cargo.   We would like to thank our partners for the opportunity to start their career in this important area, which helps to develop Latvia's infrastructure and improve our daily life by developing new roads, large projects and improving existing ones!   Frequent visitors to neighboring Russia often pay very high compliments to our pavements and the way our developers build them. Glad that you don't have to worry about the road surface after a long day of work and drive home calmly, without worrying about every meter and your car's suspension and tires!   See you on the beautiful, freshly laid highways and streets! ...