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Container shipping

Sea container transport is characterized by a low price compared to other modes of transport.

Lukoss SIA is a transport and logistics company that offers all types of container transportation with delivery right to your door. The most popular mode of transport for container shipping is sea freight, which provides port-to-port or door-to-door shipping of containerized (LCL) and full (FCL) sea containers.

Container cargo transportation can be carried out both by land transport and by ships and rail transport, providing an optimal international freight transportation solution for long distances.

The most popular way to transport containers is by sea, because in this way it is possible to deliver cargo to distant countries at optimal costs, such as to and from the USA, South America or China. This type of transportation is especially suitable if cargo delivery is systematically planned and a cost-effective solution is needed.

We provide delivery of various types of containers for cargo transportation.

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