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About us

The company was established on January, 2000. Our core businesses are:

           Stevedoring, local and international cargo transportation and sorting formalities with customs.

Long term work in port, has given us experience by using, servicing and maintaining the forklift machinery.

As out business grew, the need for quality machinery grew with it.

In the year 2013 GOODSENSE forklifts were purchased.  
We can safely say that the choice was correct.

Today we have active GOODSENSE forklifts operating in our park (9 units with capacity from 1,5 till 7.0 tons).

Our actions were appreciated by ZHEJIANG GOODSENSE FORKLIFT CO., LTD and on September 2016, during the meeting in Riga with representatives of this company, we accepted the offer to become the factories official dealers in Latvia and Lithuania.

Now we offer companies and businesses who in their everyday activity use forklift equipment the possibility to cooperate.

Reliable and safe equipment will be a good advantage exactly for you!

Our experience will help to strengthen this obvious choice